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February 16 2016


My Family Avoided Needing A whole new Water Heater Installation Over The Holidays

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Not long ago, the pilot light went out on my mom's water heater. I was taking a shower, and i also noticed the water wasn't very hot. My mom told me that there wasn't hot water for dishes either, and that is when we noticed the pilot light was indeed out. Now, it appears like something fairly simple to fix, but you should see three women and a man who doesn't know anything about plumbing fixtures or maintenance stand around watching a water heater racking your brains on how to ignite the pilot light.

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It truly did look harder than it would seem. After it was lit and didn't stick to, we thought that there could be a bigger problem. Water heater after all is 2 decades old. So my cousin came onto check it out for us, anf the husband started by trying to light the pilot light again.

After giving it a go, he explained that he was convinced that it was the thermal coupling that needed to be replaced. He told us it was a cheap part plus a cheap fix, and we all all breathed a sigh of relief we weren't having to face a brand new water heater installation currently.

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